Field work

CINESI conducts field work consisting in obtaining direct data from measurements made in situ with own resources.

The data collected is referred to mobility parameters, network status or other needed indicators that are not available through other means.


  • Automatic. Executed by automatic counting machines that register traffic intensity and vehicle speed in a certain road section. They give information about hourly and daily evolution of these parameters, sorting by vehicle typology and flow direction.

  • Directional. They are executed in crossings in order to know the itineraries followed by pedestrians, cars, bikes, heavy vehicles, etc.

  • Plate reading. By checking accesses and control points, plate reading gives information about motor vehicle itineraries.

  • Parking. Includes analysis of occupation (time that a parking spot is being used), rotation (amount of vehicles parked during a period of time), proportion of parkers who are residents and infractions identification.



They are the result of the analysis of physical aspects of the road networks, including current roads and still not existing paths. They are complemented with pictures and videos, which offer a detailed characterization of all the sections in an easy and visual way.

CINESI disposes of several material resources that enable the elaboration of the inventories: 

  • 4x4 vehicle. It carries an odometer incorporated that measures the length of the itinerary and an inclinometer that gives information about the slope.


  • Tablet PC. Portable computer with tactile screen that registers in real time all the data collected for the inventory.

  • Portable GPS. External antenna that gives precise data of the current location, it gets connected through Bluetooth and specific software and links the data with the cartography stored in the Tablet.

  • Manual inclinometer. To measure longitudinal and transversal slopes at certain points.