Mistery shopping

The Mistery Shopping offers a detailed indicator of the consumer perception about a given service. It represents a fundamental tool while measuring, analysing and proposing improvements related to the customer experience.

Expert testers with wide experience in the transport services sector evaluate key points of the service given. Acting as regular customers, they proceed in an anonymous and professional way in order to guarantee the quality of the measurements. The parameters analysed range from the quality of the information on board and at the stops, to the way of driving, the cleaning and maintenance of the vehicles and infrastructures, etc.

The final report includes all the information collected, with the correspondent qualitative and quantitative evaluations and proposals for improvement. Each of the parameters is punctuated, reaching a global index which is compared to the one demanded from the competent authority. Depending on the final punctuation, incentives or penalizations may be proposed.

CINESI works together with transport operators, evaluating the quality of the service offered in the vehicles and information points, being specialised in urban transport networks.