Technical assistance

Throughout 20 years of experience, CINESI has specialized its activity towards studies related to different aspects of transport services. The know how in the sector of the public transport, ranges from the assistance to Administrations to transport companies, public or private.

In most of the cases, CINESI offers its services working alongside its clients, moving to the same installations of the operator company. This close way of working ensures first hand inputs and maximizes the chances of clearly understanding and responding to the specific needs of our clients. 

CINESI has acquired a vast experience and technical expertise during all the years collaborating with transport Companies. Most of the times, these advisory services are conducted on an ongoing basis seeking for close and trust based relationship with our clients, and include some of the following tasks:

  • Network planning and modeling
  • Demand prognosis
  • Service parameters calculations
  • New services implantation
  • Technic and economic feasibility studies of new investments and services
  • Assistance during communication campaigns
  • Continuous analysis of the statistics of the network
  • Intermediary between the company and the administration
  • Elaboration of reports related to service parameters monitoring
  • Definition and monitoring of KPIs
  • Preparation of bidding for service tenders
  • Field work
  • Cartography and GIS support
  • Stop and infrastructure inventories
  • Stop maintenance planning
  • Parameterization of accidents
  • Assessment of the fleet of vehicles state
  • Planning of fleet maintenance and renovation
  • Redaction of technical specifications for the acquisition of new vehicles and technical report for the adjudication
  • Study of new support infrastructures to help improving the current service
  • Process optimization and studies of operation efficiency

The services offered to administrations, mainly Municipalities, are:

  • Transport services planning
  • Costs assessment
  • Demand prognosis
  • Support in writing contracts and agreements
  • Redaction of technical specifications needed for the tendering of urban services
  • Assessment of the biddings received and redaction of the technical report for the adjudication
  • Study of the points with higher concentration of accidents
  • Implantation of measures for improving commercial velocity