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In recent years, accessibility has become one of the main priorities for institutions, international organizations and companies. Transport is a fundamental tool to enable access for everyone to the workplace, goods, services, and to enjoy leisure time.

Cinesi has participated in diverse accessibility improvement projects that go from the regulatory and legislative side, to the definition of characteristics of places, spaces and transport services.

Through this experience, Cinesi has collaborated closely with leading accessibility organizations that, together to Cinesi’s experience in the transport sector, facilitate the delivery of high standard accessibility solutions.

Some examples of projects in which Cinesi has participated in are the definition of accessibility strategies and legislative improvements, the implementation of guidance systems for blind people (NaviLens), or the evaluation and audit of the accessibility level of spaces and buildings (AIS Certification).

Algunos ejemplos de proyectos en los que ha participado Cinesi van desde la definición de estrategias de accesibilidad y mejora legislativa, la implantación de sistemas de guiado especialmente destinados a personas invidentes (NaviLens) o la evaluación y auditoria del nivel de accesibilidad de espacios o edificios (Certificación AIS).

The AIS Accessibility Indicator System is an international certification that is governed by the Standard AIS 1/2018 and that measures the degree of accessibility in urban environments (of a space or building, existing or in project).

The certification are awarded with a level degree that starts in one star, which is the minimum level, to five stars, which is the degree of maximum excellence.

Cinesi has been recognized as an Authorized Entity by the Social Responsibility and Accessibility Foundation to give recommendations to obtain accessibility certifications, to undertake technical audits necessary for the accessibility certification, as well as the maintenance and improvement of the certified accessibility level. Moreover, Cinesi is the only Authorized Entity specialized in the mobility and transport sector.

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NaviLens is a signaling and guidance system that brings the possibility to blind and low vision people to move autonomously in different environments. It is based on the implementation of colored signals, similar to QR, but that are much faster to read and it is not necessary that users steadily focus on them. This makes NaviLens especially effective for visually impaired.

The codes can be associated to a text that the NaviLens APP reads to the user. Additionally, the APP translates automatically the texts to the user’s device language.

This, nevertheless, is not the only functionality of the codes. The APP NaviLens GO goes a step further and offers visual information to other users, such as the station train departures panel, or augmented reality directions to get to destinations.

Cinesi has participated in the implementation of the NaviLens system in several transport networks, such as in the Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya network, or the Guaguas Municipales of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria network.

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An accessibility plan consists of identifying architectural barriers in various municipal areas (public roads, buildings, transports and communication), suggesting solutions to eliminate these, budgeting these measures and drawing up a progressive implementation plan based on previously established priority criteria. The goal is to achieve a fully accessible municipality in a rational and planned manner.

Cinesi uses geographic information system (GIS) tools that help link data with its geographical location to facilitate the management of developing this plan. Queries can therefore be made about accessible itineraries, the data to properly develop the stage plan can easily be updated and plans visually displaying the information can be obtained.

The extensive experience in the transport sector and in offering specific accessibility solutions, makes Cinesi being able to offer its acquired knowledge to draft and redefine accessibility strategies of institutions and organizations of different levels.

This way, Cinesi has the necessary capacity for contrasting current accessibility legislation, and to put it into practice in the most optimal and effective way.